Search Engine


Tailored SEO solutions to meet your business objective.

Using advanced tools and techniques, we give your website the ingredients it need to succeed and reach your business objectives. In this ever-changing SEO sphere, we pride ourselves on being able to tackle and overcome the latest Google algorithm changes.

Our search engine optimisation structure helps us reach the right audience for your campaign, attain and keep the rankings your website deserves.

Bespoke SEO Solutions

Regardless of the size, objective and goals of your campaign, at Collider we guarantee a bespoke solution to fit your needs. Our SEO team will work on a strategy to get the most returns on your investments.

It’s not that we use the best tools in the market which gives us access to data and information that not publicly available but our expertise to create a custom campaign targeting the right keywords and reach your customers in the right stages of their buying cycle.

Algorithm Monitoring

Knowing when there are algorithm changes in search engines and acting quickly to ensure it doesn’t have a negative impact on your site is imperative.

Market Analysis

SEO is more than just your website. Understanding your market & your competitors will ensure you have a way forward and have an edge over your competition.

Keyword Research

Using advanced tactics & tools, we position your keywords strategically over your site and ensure that your pages are optimised.

SEO & Social Media

Knowing what your customers do online, what forums they go to, what they read and talk about is essential to create the right content strategy to reach that audience.


On Page

On-Page Meta Tags
Optimising Content For SEO
Technical Analysis
Server Side SEO
Analytics & Insights

Off Page

Backlink Analysis
Link Detox
Outreach Campaigns
Community Building
Market Research


International SEO
Site Structure
Hreflang Attribute
International Link Building


Google Maps Optimisation
Mobile SEO
AMP Installation & Configuration
Reviews & Reputation Management

Integrated SEO & PPC Approach

Integrating SEO & PPC will give your campaign a whole new approach. At Collider we know how to leverage PPC for content marketing. We analyse data collected from your pay per click campaigns and help improve your page quality, lower PPC costs and create a wider SEO strategy for your campaign.

SEO & Social Integration

As the search engines continue to embrace the influence of social sites such as Facebook, Twitter and Google+, it is becoming a huge influence in SEO results and contributing significantly to where your website is going to rank

Social media is a facet of digital that cannot be ignored when devising an SEO strategy. Social actions brings relevancy and being able to respond quickly to social comments will achieve strong authority.

Our integrate approach will leverage your content on social and increase brand awareness and reach the right audience that matters to your business.