Paid Search

At Collider our PPC managers within the search team are all highly experienced but have not forgotten that PPC is not second nature to the majority of our clients, at least initially.

We look to educate our clients in PPC (Pay Per Click) advertising as the account and opportunities grow.

PPC can mean a range of digital marketing practices (any kind where you pay for the click) however PPC often refers to advertising on search engines.

As Google and Bing (plus the other dozens of search websites) determine exactly what a user is looking for by obtaining the users desired searched keywords, we can make sure that the target audience are seeing your ad after the agreed search term has been entered. Not only that but we can customise the following:

However, we understand that a PPC campaign is as unique as the business and market place in question. We therefore get an understanding of your business whilst we share with the client their potential via PPC advertising.

You are the experts in your field so we utilise this knowledge to make any spend through PPC advertising as optimised and efficient as possible. Only by obtaining this understanding do we feel that PPC will work as hard for your media spend as possible.

Pay Per Clickย is an extremely quick way to drive almost any KPI in the digital space and therefore if you are looking to drive traffic to your website, that has already been pre-qualified due to the very nature of search, then we strongly recommend you getting in touch with our search team via the form below.

We would love to talk about how PPC can help your business.